About Dr Andy Wells

Dr Andy Wells is an experienced scientist with an expertise in biocatalysis, green chemistry, international collaborations, organic synthesis, process development, process scale-up, project management and sustainability. Dr Wells is a consultant providing the following expertise;

  • Expertise in Biocatalysis and Industrial Biotechnology;
  • Process chemistry and synthesis;
    • Homo and heterogeneous catalysis,metal removal from products and waste streams;
    • New Route selection, scale-up and trouble shooting;
    • Process cost reduction, flow chemistry and continuous processing;
  • Clean manufacturing, green chemistry, solvent selection, reagent choice;
  • Environmental foresight;
  • Managing the technology supplier – customer interface ;
    • Business development;
    • Supplier selection and project management;
    • Independent technology and supplier evaluations;
  • Academia- Industry interface and consortia;
    • SME’s working with academia;
  • Workshops and training;
  • Information and Searching;
    • Structures;
    • Processes;
    • Patents;
    • New route design;
    • Physical data;
  • Science alerts;
    • Tracking papers;
    • Patents;
    • Authors;
    • Specific technology areas;
  • Access to expertise in physical organic chemistry;
  • Access to expertise in solid state chemistry.
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