Barcelona DoE Course

Following the success of the previous DoE course, we ran another in Barcelona in May 2018.

We are planning another DoE training course in collaboration with Scientific Update. The feedback from our course from May was very positive with all delegates saying they would recommend the course to a co-worker.

You will come away from the course with a comprehensive understanding of DoE, its benefits, and a clear view of how to implement it in your work. We will go through case studies with examples of Suzuki and Buchwald-Hartwig reactions (among others) in which DoE users (clients of Paul Murray Catalysis Consulting) have had savings of over £300,000. If there is something amiss with your chemistry or process, you feel like there is something happening that you can’t control, don’t think you have the time for an in-depth study, you have a problem with scale up, variable results, or no clear plan on how to improve output in your work, you can benefit from this course.

“The concepts of DoE were explained very nicely, very helpful. Wish I could have done this sooner in my career. Thank you!”


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