Biocatalysis Services

At Paul Murray Catalysis Consulting we help clients implement biocatalysis;

  • Integration of biotechnology steps into chemical processes;
  • Enzyme screening;
  • Enzyme selection;
  • Enzyme immobilization;
  • Reaction optimisation;
  • Scale up and trouble shooting of biocatalysis processes;
  • Regulatory issues;
  • Advice on suppliers from our extensive contacts in EU, USA, India and China.

We have extensive contacts with academic institutes working at the cutting edge of biocatalysis. This enables us to provide the latest technology to our clients. We are not restricted to any supplier enabling the unbiased selection of the best solution for our clients.

At Paul Murray Catalysis Consulting we are completely flexible to meet the needs of our clients. We can support the use of biocatalysis by;

  • Running your chemistry with our collaborators; or
  • Working in your establishment with your staff for competency introduction to your facilities; or
  • Project managing your third party suppliers.

To see examples of our biocatalysis capability please see representative biotransformations

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