Short Course in Design of Experiments

Dr Paul Murray is running a short course in Design of Experiments (DoE) in conjunction with Scientific Update at the 3rd Winter Process Chemistry Conference at the University of Bath on the 16th December 2015.

For more information or to register please see here:

DoE is a systematic and efficient approach to determine the relationship between factors affecting a reaction and the output of that reaction (yield, selectivity etc.).DoE is a statistical approach and many scientists use it as an efficient way to solve problems affecting their projects (chemical reaction, workup, isolation, recrystallization, scale-up etc.).

DoE provides information about the interaction of factors and the way the total system works, something not obtainable through testing one factor at a time (OFAT or OVAT) while holding other factors constant. Another advantage of DoE is that it shows how interconnected factors respond over a wide range of values, without requiring the testing of all possible values directly. Design of Experiments can be utilised in any application where the changing of a single factor can change the outcome of the investigation.

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