Dr Paul Murray is a world leading consultant scientist, providing expertise and training in the fields of Catalysis, Design of Experiments (DoE) and Principal Component Analysis (PCA). Paul is an experienced scientist with additional expertise in automation, multivariate data analysis, process development and problem solving. Paul has a proven track record in the timely delivery of innovative solutions of clients' projects, resulting in significant reductions in development time, costs and materials.

Dr Paul Murray

Paul Murray Catalysis Consulting provides expertise in:

  • The development and optimisation of challenging reactions.
  • Solvent selection.
  • Rational ligand selection.
  • Experimental design.
  • The use of advanced experimental design linking DoE with PCA.
  • Process development and scale-up.
  • Route selection.
  • Reaction screening.
  • The development and use of automation for reaction screening including catalyst screening.
  • Homogeneous, heterogeneous and bio catalysis.
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