About Catalysis

Based on the combination of a comprehensive understanding and extensive experience in the industrial application of a broad range of catalysed reactions we can offer guidance and support to solve your problems. Our expert advice includes homogeneous, heterogeneous and biocatalysis through the:

  • Recommendation of reaction conditions for an array of transformations.
  • Guidance on the experimental programs to optimise processes including the selection of the optimum catalyst and ligand.
  • Detailed analysis of reaction outcomes to diagnose the conditions that are resulting in poorly performing reactions.
  • Design of new shorter synthetic routes that fully exploit the opportunities presented by catalysis.

We offer support for all stages of development up to and including full manufacturing scale, with:

  • General robust procedures which enable proof of transformation to support chemistry research including the delivery of kg of material for initial studies.
  • Optimising the type of catalyst, ligand and solvent to maximise the selectivity of catalytic reactions to provide scalable catalytic processes.
  • Optimisation of commercial manufacturing process where informed decision making is enabled to select the best catalyst, ligand, process conditions and solvent to make a sustainable and economically viable long term process.
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