Heterogeneous Catalysis

Using our insight and experience of the multitude of slurry phase catalyst systems combined with an understanding of heterogeneous catalysts we are able to recommend a potential candidate set of initial catalysts from reputable international suppliers based on the initial process conditions. We always recommend comparing catalysts from multiple suppliers.

The use of DoE allows the evaluation of the slurry phase catalysts, suitable solvents and other important parameters to optimise heterogeneous reactions. Any of the reaction parameters can be investigated to meet the ultimate design requirements of the client. This may include:

  • Catalyst cost considerations including activity, durability and loading.
  • Catalyst performance such as selectivity and robustness.
  • Cheical reaction mass transport e.g. transport of hydrogen form gas phase to the catalyst surface.
  • Metal leaching and its recovery.
  • Mixing.
  • Process constrains for existing assets.
  • Solvent selection.

Through the careful assessment of impurities and key reaction parameters the reliable scale up of the reaction can be ensured.

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