Avoiding Commonly Made Errors in Applying DoE

The main reasons that Design of Experiments does not provide the solution to a chemical problem are:

  • An important factor that is not being controlled or investigated.
  • An important factor is not being investigated in the required region.
  • The experimentation is not being carried out precisely enough.
  • The response being measured is not quantified accurately enough.
  • The response being measured is too far removed from the effect changing the factor has on the experimental outcome e.g. after a challenging work-up where the change in the factors significantly effects the isolation.
  • Insufficient data points generated by the experimental design to allow appropriate interpretation of the responses e.g. to understand an important interaction or a non-linear effect.

Avoiding commonly made errors in applying DoE is possible with good training and careful design setup and selection. For advice on how to avoid these common errors contact us.

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